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Forms & Resources

Access these forms, brochures and resources to manage your property taxes, annual utilities and metered utilities.

You may need Acrobat Reader (Website. New window.) to access some of the following forms.  

General resources

Access My Property Accounts (Website. New window.) 24-hour online service to view property tax and utility account balances, current and past charges, and your payment history. If you're on metered utilities, use My Property Accounts to obtain your meter readings to manage your water usage and conservation efforts.

Use Property Taxation Online Inquiry (Website. New window.) to view property assessment values, legal description, tax and utility levy information related to properties in Surrey.

Review the New Home Owner Reference Sheet (PDF. New window.) if you're new to Surrey, to familiarize yourself with Property Taxes and Utilities services and due dates.

Visit BC Assessment's website (New window.) to change your mailing address with their online form. To do this, use your folio or roll number, which is located on your property assessment notice or property tax notice. 

See Land Titles and Survey Authority (LTSA) (Website. New window.) to access British Columbia's official legal record of private property ownership, containing legal title information about property in BC.

Property Tax resources

Home Owner Grant

Claim your Electronic Home Owner Grant if eligible by the tax due date of July 2 each year. Get more general information on the Home Owner Grant from the Ministry of Finance's property tax program (Website. New window.) information online.

To claim your Grant, you'll need your folio number and access code from your tax notice. This service is available from mid-May to the end of  December. 

Retroactive Home Owner Grant

If you're eligible to claim the home owner grant for the previous year, complete the Retroactive Home Owner Grant Application Form (PDF. New window.)     

Property Tax Deferment Program

As a new or existing applicant, apply for property tax deferment with the Deferment application forms (PDF. New window.) issued by the Ministry. Print and complete the forms, then submit them to us at the Property Tax and Utilities office for processing.

Pre-Authorized Pre-Payment (PAPP) Plan for Property Taxes and Annual Utilities

Pre-pay your Property Tax & Annual Utilities with the Pre-Authorized Pre-Payment (PAPP) Plan, through monthly pre-authorized withdrawals from your financial institution. Sign up now and start saving for next year's Annual Utilities and Property Taxes.

If you're on the plan and would like to make a change, notify the City 2 weeks before the next withdrawal date by completing a Request for Change form (PDF. New window.).

Utility resources

Surrey bills for water and sewer in 2 ways:

  • Annually, based on one flat fee once a year due on April 2.
  • Tri-annually (3 times a year, every 4 months), based on the water consumption registered through the water meter. Metered utilities have multiple due dates, and are based on your property's metered area.

Annual Utilities forms

Apply for the Pre-Authorized Pre-Payment (PAPP) Plan and pre-pay your annual utilities through automatic withdrawals. Complete the Property Taxes and Annual Utilities PAPP Form (PDF. New window.) to enrol.

Make a change to your existing PAPP plan, complete the PAPP Request for Change Form (PDF. New window.) and submit it to the Property Tax and Utilities office for processing.

Surrey's Volunteer Water Meter Program

Take charge of your water and sewer bill and pay for what you use by volunteering to install a water meter.

Learn about the benefits of Surrey's Volunteer Water Meter Program or download Surrey's Volunteer Water Meter Program Brochure (PDF. New window.) for details.

Complete target="_blank">Surrey's Volunteer Water Meter Electronic Registration Form to get started in the program. 

Metered Utilities forms

Special Water Meter Reading Request

If you are conveyancing a property, request a special water meter reading to ensure owners are paying for their portion of the water bill. Download the Special Meter Reading Request Form (PDF. New window.) to start the process.

Metered Utility Pre-Authorized Auto-Debit Payment Plan

Maintaining your Water Meter Brochure

Learn more about your water meter in our Maintaining your Water Meter Brochure (PDF. New window.)

Complete a Leak Adjustment Form (PDF. New window.) to receive credit for excess water volume charges resulting from a leak. 

Learn more about Property Taxes & Utilities in Surrey to learn about the programs connected with all of our forms and resources.