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Home Owner Grants & Property Sales

A large single-family residential home in Surrey.

Certificate of Titles

If you've purchased a property after we've issued the Property Tax notices, but before the previous owner paid them, you can still receive a Home Owner Grant.

If you have the notices, and you're eligible to claim the Home Owner's Grant, just provide the Certificate of Title, proving you own your property, together with your grant application.

To get your Certificate of Title, register with the Land Title Office. This Certificate of Title shows that you, the named owner, have ownership rights to the land. In BC, ownership of land is referred to as Land Title, and is documented by registration through the Land Title Office (Website. New window.).


Sample Certificate of Title from BC Online

Sample certificate showing location of Land Title number


And remember: Once you've updated the new ownership information with the Land Title Office, you'll be able to claim your grant online

Be sure to update your information and contact us early with any questions — you must pay the tax and claim your Home Owner Grant (if eligible) by the Property Tax due date to avoid late penalty charges.

Requesting a duplicate tax notice

If you don't have the tax notice that we issued to the previous owner, give us a call at the Property Taxes & Utilities office to request a duplicate tax bill.

Learn the complete Home Owner Grant Program Information (Website. New window.), including how to claim your Home Owner Grant when buying, selling or moving.