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Home Owner Grants & Property Sales

Row of houses in a Fleetwood development.

If you have purchased a property in Surrey around the time property tax notices were sent out, there are two ways to determine your next steps to claim the Home Owner's Grant. This depends on if you have received your property tax notice.

If you did not receive the property tax notice that we issued to the previous property owner, call the Property and Payment Services section at 604-591-4181 to request a duplicate.

If you have the property tax notice and you're eligible to claim the Home Owner's Grant, provide a copy of the title search, proving you own the property, together with your grant application. Get a complete overview of the Home Owner Grant Program, including how to claim your Home Owner Grant when buying, selling, or moving.

Update your information and contact us early with any questions — you must pay the tax and claim your Home Owner Grant (if eligible) by the Property Tax due date to avoid late penalty charges.

Title Search

In BC, ownership of land is referred to as Land Title, and is registered through the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC. To get a copy of the title search, visit a land title office or hire a professional to assist. The title search shows that the named owner has ownership rights to the land. Once you've updated the new ownership information with the Land Title Office, you'll be able to claim your grant online.

Sample Title Search 

If you have questions please call 604-591-4181 to contact the Property and Payment Services section.